Opendata week 2014

Open Data movement has met a large success for the past years in France as in the rest of the world. After first national experiments, it is now time to tie bonds cross borders. How to extend open data movement cross cities and countries around Europe ? What kind of actions or policies to do so ? What role for public actors, businesses, non-profits ? How to develop a product or service on a european scale ?

The European Open Data Week

After the launch of the European Open Data Week in Nantes in 2012, followed by ODW Marseille in 2013, and 2014 edition in Montpellier, this 4th edition will be held in Rennes, France. It will aim to further this movement, focusing on professionalization and european development for business and startups using open data and sharing between european cities opening their data.


This 4th Open Data Week edition will be held from october 13th to 15th in Rennes, France. This will be the annual opportunity to meet open data stakeholders in France and in Europe. Cities and organizations gathered under OpendataFrance coalition will meet. Fing will present their Infolab program and Odine its Open Data Incubator Project.

Meeting of regional open data stakeholders and debates concerning latest open data news, sharing of experiences between several european cities and regions, Infolab national day, Open Data France annual meeting, etc.

Come share, discover, learn and meet open data stakeholders in France and Europe.

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