Opendata week 2014

Open Data movement has met a large success for the past years in France as in the rest of the world. After first experiments, it is now time to extend practices and find new audiences outside of the technical community.

How to extend open data movement ? As we live in a world full of data that feed many applications and activities, as these data structure the world we live in, they should gain better attention and offer the possibility for all to understand them better.

What kind of actions or policies to do so ? What role for public actors, businesses, medias, non-profits ? Should we start getting a better data education by manipulating our own personal data ? Should we imagine Infolabs ?

2013 must achieve clear statements on open governement data promises and explore new fronteers for this movement.


The European Open Data Week

After the launch of the European Open Data Week in Nantes (France) in 2012, followed by ODW Marseille in 2013, the 2014 edition will take place in Montpellier during the 15th Libre Software Meeting (RMLL in French) and will aim to further this movement, focusing on professionalization and harmonization of open data initiatives, seeking to answer the following questions: how to improve the quality of data offer? How to develop data reuse, involve more and more people and open data with more efficiency? What are the best methods to facilitate initiatives with sustainable rather than short-term approaches?

These are questions that will attempt to answer public actors, researchers, businesses, associations, journalists, innovators, gathered around conferences and workshops, from Saturday the 5th to Friday the 11th of July 2013 in Montpellier.