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Scientific conference – 25th may / Workshop on Open Data

**International scientific conference in english – Room Micro at La Fabrique**

More details on the web site of the scientific conference.

Eventbrite - Scientific Conference

9.00AM: – 9.30AM: Reception

9.30AM – 10AM: Opening

Common introduction in “Room Maxi”

Overview of opening data in private sector

Ton Zijlstra, Community Steward at ePSIplatform

10AM – 11.15AM: Keynote

Challenges and fun of Data journalism

Lisa Evans, data researcher for The Guardian

11.15AM – 11.30AM: Coffee Break

11.30AM – 12.45AM: Track 1 – Data integration

Public Data Integration with WebSmatch

R. Coletta, E. Castanier, P. Valduriez, C. Frisch, D. Ngo and Z. Bellahsene

Improving Schema Matching with Linked Data

A. Assaf, E. Louw, A. Senart, C. Follenfant, R. Troncy and D. Trastour

Identifying And Weighting Integration Hypotheses On Open Data Platforms.

J. Eberius, K. Braunschweig, M. Thiele and W. Lehner

12.45AM – 1.15PM: Round table

Open Science: challenges and opportunities

1.15PM – 2.30PM: Lunch

2.30PM – 3.45PM: Track 2 – Pot pourri

Diachronic Linked Data: Towards Long-Term Preservation of Structured Interrelated Information

Y. Stavrakas, G. Papastefanatos, T. Dalamagas and V. Christophides

Non-Interactive Differential Privacy: a Survey.

D. Leoni

Open Data Visualization: Keeping Traces of the Exploration Process.

B. Otjacques, M. Stefas, M. Cornil and F. Feltz

3.45PM – 3.55PM: Short break

3.55PM – 4.45PM: Track 3 – Case studies

Publishing and linking transport data on the Web.

J. Plu and F. Scharffe

Publishing Life Science Data as Linked Open Data: the Case Study of miRBase.

T. Dalamagas, N. Bikakis, G. Papastefanatos, Y. Stavrakas and A. Hatzigeorgiou.

4.45PM – 5PM: Coffee break

5PM – 5.45PM: Conclusion

Common conclusion in “Room Maxi”

Workshops resume

Conclusion of the day

5.45 Cocktail

Eventbrite - Scientific Conference